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Bipin Gupta (F&B)

SHMI has not only helped me in developing the perfect instinct but also has helped in making myself more presentable. I was never a diamond with brilliance, but yes these 3 years gave me some brilliant cuts. I thank SHMI for helping me in building a stronger and a much positive attitude towards life. 


Rizwan Khan(F&B)

Life at SHMI is the most treasured part of my life. These 3 years have indeed taught me a lot. The college life has taught me to be independent and given me the strength to sustain in real world, where you know you are the one responsible for every action you do and every decision you make.

Kumar Rajeev(F&B)

SHMI is an ideal platform for a young student interested in Hospitality Management. It has served for me as an excellent platform. It served me an excellent environment to study Hotel and Hospitality Management and Communication.

Belal Hamza(HK)

When I started college, I was aimless and shy. But SHMI gave me the right atmosphere to hove my public speaking ability and turn me into a confident person. It gave me ample extracurricular opportunities which helped me discover me and my interests in the Hospitality industry. For instance, I found that I can work confidently and have an interest towards the industry which is what I would like to make my career in. 

Md Abusufyan (F&B)

Above all, the Scott Hotel Management Institute gave me an opportunity of a lifetime to attend my goals. It was like a dream come true for me to complete the 3years Degree course in Hotel Management at the SHMI.


Swarnali Banerjee(F&B)

Whatever I am today, I am just because of this SHMI. The confidence and personality I have today was no where even in my imagination. This college provided me with the platform where I could extract my talent from my reserves and provide me with the confidence i have on myself today. And yes the most unique thing about this college is that it is a perfect combination of Strictness, guidance and Knowledge. Thanks SHMI.

Pankaj Dey(F&B)

These 3 years are the most memorable years of my life. College ends here, but itís a start to a new beginning. Friends, teachers, classes, campus, activities, I will miss them all. I wish I could go back to those beautiful memories. Thanks to everyone who made me feel special and helped me a lot through ups and downs.

Arnab Das(F&B)

When you are in an environment where everyone trusts each other and cares about each other, great ideas are generated and fun is had. Studying in SHMI is not only about challenging yourself, it is more about consciously going beyond your own limits. And that is not about the destination but about the exciting and sometimes tough journey that the dynamic life at SHMI ensures.

Pappu Mondal(HK)

I was interested in SHMI since the moment they visited my school. I like new things and challenging myself. Studying in their first ever Bachelor of Hotel Management program in English seemed quite a challenge at that time. I firmly believe that what I learn in this Bachelor program is the first step toward great thing. That is why I chose to study at SHMI.

Rahul kumar(FO)

Never had I imagined that Hotel Management at Scott Hotel Management Institute might have been so interesting and full of real-life experience before I entered here. I believe that the 3 years at SHMI will provide me with knowledge in many categories like Hotels, Aviation, Cruise ships, Hospitals etc. Along with interesting lectures by experienced professors, you will get not only great friends and lifetime contacts but also the highest level of education.


Quality and prestige are very important for me, therefore I chose SHMI. We use materials and learning equipments from the world's leading hotels. The tuition fees are also reasonable and the price is cheaper than in other colleges at the top level. If you want high quality education then you should come to SHMI.

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